Musik Video // Fritz Kalkbrenner

Set you free


Directed by: Sophia Wagner & Robin Polák

DOP: Stephan Burchardt

Art Director: Evgeniy Marants

Styling: Marianka Benesch

Make up: Jenny Arit

Editing: Hannes Weishaupt

Grading: Lennart Fränkel

Production: Akkurat Studios




The film depicts four characters „deep listening to themself“. Stuck in layers of wants. They grasp the moment of running away, freeing themselves and thereby letting go — Of a situation, of someone, something or themselves. What flashes up are inner conflicts that are disguised as daydreams and abstractly illustrate their confrontation with the Now. Once they are free of covering layers, naked, they arrive in reality, meet people on a similar path and arrive with them. In a place that keeps neatly sorted what they have left behind.





 "Mächtig Betrieb", die Fiktion-Doku über die Deutsche Bahn gewinnt Preise!


Winner FOX Award "Mächtig Betrieb" - Deutsche Bahn

Winner BDKom Award "Mächtig Betrieb" - Deutsche Bahn

Winner BCM Award "Mächtig Betrieb" - Deutsche Bahn



Regie: Sophia Wagner & Robin Polák

Kamera: Daniel Gottschalk